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  • ‚Äč  Cruising into the Future

    Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc.
    at March 2 PEA Luncheon
    as Seatrade Event Nears

        Luis Ajamil, a driving force for three decades in the success of the South Florida cruise industry, is to be the guest presenter at the March 2 luncheon meeting of the Port Everglades Association.

        As president and CEO of Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc., Luis is a consummate visionary who plans to speak on the topic of “Cruising into the Future,” just days before the opening of the Seatrade Cruise Global conference and expo, slated for March 5-8 at the Fort Lauderdale/Broward Convention Center.
        Luis looks to explore a bit of the history of the Seatrade event and discuss how the cruise industry has risen to prominence in South Florida, with a particular focus on Port Everglades and the integral role of the cruise sector in the Port’s master plan update being developed by Luis and his firm. He plans to cover the evolution of cruise vessels and itineraries and how seaports and their passenger terminals are continuing to innovatively advance to meet demands for generations to come.

        And because it is never too early to start gearing up for Broward Navy Days, President and CEO of Broward Navy Days, Inc., Mary Anne Gray, will provide a brief overview of events and activities leading up to this popular annual event.

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