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    Florida's Premier Port Business organization promoting the growth of Port Everglades Since 1979

    PEA serves as a bridge between public and private interests to facilitate the Port's achievement of its rightful place as a leader in the ranks of America's port ocean commerce.

  • Visitor's to PEA Office 8/13/2018

    Representatives from Shutts & Bowen, a longtime PEA board level member, visited with PEA staff to discuss mutually beneficial information sharing and membership outreach initiatives. Photo: Shutts & Bown partners Brendan Barry, Sidney Calloway, Ed Stacker, PEA staff members Eileen Maloney-Simon and Lori Baer.



  • Trade Finance in Latin America Event


    With the shadow of protectionism hanging ominously over the world economy, it’s no secret that global trade has seen better days. Meanwhile, with de-risking in full swing across the global banking system, the challenge of financing trade remains considerable. Yet none of this has put the brakes on innovation. If anything, new solutions for financing trade are proliferating, allowing SMEs and larger corporations alike to find fresh ways to hedge their risks and get deals done in an increasingly complex environment.


    LatinFinance’s inaugural Trade Finance in Latin America (TFLA) conference will convene key Latin American exporters, regional and international lenders, export credit agencies and multilateral development banks to examine the outlook for trade finance in the region. The discussions will be pan-regional in scope, bringing in perspectives from public and private sector players from across the Americas.

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  • Port Everglades Association 2018 REVISED Calendar

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    Placeholder ImageGain first-hand knowledge of ideas and plans which affect Port Everglades and port businesses at the city, county, state and federal levels.

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