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  • ‘2020 411’ big event at new venue

    Fort Lauderdale mayor joins company executives on PEA’s Aug. 9 program at Tropical Acres


    A must-attend blockbuster program is on tap as Port Everglades Association shifts its monthly luncheon meetings to Tropical Acres Steakhouse on Friday, Aug. 9.

    Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis is to be joined by chief executives of three leading maritime and construction companies for a future-focused discussion titled “2020 411,” while PEA members and guests enjoy a gourmet meal featuring shrimp cocktail, New York strip steak and cherry cheesecake.

    Luncheon program sponsors include PEA members LSN Partners and ILA Local 1526 and a champagne toast will be sponsored by Longitude Surveyors. And Silversea Cruises is donating a one-week luxury cruise for the raffle, benefitting the Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades.

    Mayor Trantalis, who assumed his present office in March 2018 following service on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, is to offer insights on hopes, expectations and challenges.

    Maritime and construction chief executives on the program are:

    • Rodney Corrigan, president of LOGISTEC Stevedoring Inc., which provides services at more than 60 North American port terminals;
    • Mike LaFleur, chief executive officer of SEACOR Island Lines LLC, a regional Bahamian-Caribbean container service arm of SEACOR Holdings;
    • Jeff Bobolts, regional president for the Florida Region of CEMEX, a global building materials leader serving customers in more than 50 countries; and
    • Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, founder and president of environmental services provider Total Marine Solutions Inc., as discussion facilitator.

    The “2020 411” program is to take place Friday, Aug. 9, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Tropical Acres Steakhouse, 2500 Griffin Road. (The move to the renowned Tropical Acres is taking place while Lauderdale Yacht Club undergoes expansion.) An awesome venue plus an incredible panel add up to a program that simply can’t be missed. Sign up now via the PEA website – at www.portbiz.org – or by phone at (954) 462-2801!.



    Fort Lauderdale, FL June 20, 2019

    Spearheaded by PEA President Rich Vogel, with Vecenergy, Broward County’s homeless can look forward to being able to use a slew of furniture and other goods in their very near future.


    Thanks to the generosity of Pier 66 hotel, bureaus, desks, chairs, lamps, bed sheeting and other goods were donated to several agencies dedicated to providing housing and shelter to the homeless living in Broward County.


    There was one big need, however. Much of the furniture and goods needed to be stored in safe keeping for a period of months. That’s where Port Everglades Association came in.


    Vogel tapped fellow PEA board member Kris Hopkins with Seafarers International Union and PEA Vice President Patrick Collins with Crowley. Vogel’s company, which includes South Florida Petroleum and Ranger Construction, and the Seafarers International Union combined to bring together more than 35 volunteer workers to load the furniture. Crowley provided two giant shipping containers -- both filled to capacity, and also will provide space in their secure yard to hold the containers until such time as Broward’s facility is ready to take custody and put them to good use.


    Peg Buchan was on site to represent the Port Director’s office. Volunteers were thanked for their hard work and were treated to special Port Everglades caps.


    “This was a total team effort,” said Vogel. “Our companies and the Port Everglades Association feel very strongly about helping and giving back to our great community. We are glad we could provide help the truly needy people here in Broward County.”


    PEA Board member Anitra Lanzci was one of the volunteers toiling through heat and humidity for the three-hour effort. “It was an inspiration to see such a large-scale, unified group demonstrate their commitment,” she said.


    “We’re the lucky ones,” said Seafarers International Union’s Kris Hopkins. “We have jobs to go to. We have families. We have homes. But we know many, many people living in our County do not. That’s what we are all about—helping those who are not as fortunate.”


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    Port Everglades Association members IWS and ANF Group, Inc. headlined the groundbreaking ceremony June 5 for the Port Everglades International Logistics Center. Along with heat and humidity, the sweat at this morning’s event was symbolic of years of effort to turn the project from vision to reality. Acting Port Director, Glenn Wiltshire noted this project has been in the works since 2007 when it first appeared in the Port’s master/vision plan.



    Fred Rogacki addressed the enthusiastic 90-plus crowd saying he and his wife Betty Ann started IWS at Port Everglades 35 years ago and remarked how much the Port has grown. He said what makes this logistics center different from any other at a port anywhere in the country is location and services. “As far as I know, and I’ve done a lot of checking, this is the ONLY logistics center right at a seaport and the only one offering every service including CBP and APHIS inspections as well as fumigation and many other services.” ANF is leading the team that will be constructing the state-of-the-industry logistics center. Renowned logistics developer CenterPointe Properties will operate the facility. CenterPoint’s Chief Development Officer, Michael Murphy, said his company is thrilled to be here at Port Everglades and echoed the point that the project’s location contiguous to a thriving seaport truly makes it a first of a kind, full-service operation.




  • Visitor to PEA 05/30/2019

    In town,  David Skipper, Kendall Kilpatrick, Kris Pagan and Bob Tolsma from Mott Macdonald stopped in for a visit at the PEA office.

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  • Friday June 7, 2019
    Lauderdale Yacht Club
    1725 SE12th Street; 954-524-5500; Self park or valet
    Board of Directors Meeting



    Reception Sponsors:


    "From Drugs to Bugs”

    From drugs to bugs, bad stuff that might otherwise enter the United States is detected and deterred through the diligent efforts of federal officials who are dedicated to keeping out contraband and critters while facilitating the swift, efficient flow of legitimate commerce.

    Leaders of U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will make presentations on how Port Everglades is at the leading edge of endeavors that are successfully carrying out such missions – including pilot programs being advanced in collaboration with PEA warehousing and logistics members. 


    Featured Speakers  

    Louis Volpe
    Anthony Knapik

    Animal and Plant Health
    Inspection Service

    Dylan DeFrancisci
    Stephen Silvestri

    U.S. Customs and
    Border Protection


  • Port Everglades Action Team and Port Everglades Association visit Washington

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